The Idea is simple, make cheap, versatile buildingblocks that can be put together and become a house, a garage, a storageroo, a  cooler ..etc.
Added benefits would be energy efficient , easy to maitain and fast to build

In short terms .. Any type of house in any kind of location.

  • Any type of wall and roof thickness
  • Passive house models
  • Acustic house models
  • Hurricane impact protection
  • Electric currency protection models (Faradays cage)
  • Assistance for technical solutions
  • Architect guidance

we-deliver-prefab-walls-to-adjacent-areas_0 we-deliver-prefab-walls-to-adjacent-areas



Take a look at a couple of  different  styles and locations we built houses and utility buildings.

houses-built-by-harcon houses-built-by-harcon

HARCON WHITE HOUSE PASSIVEbuilding-storage-rooms-garage-and-freezer-room-with-harcon_1

building-storage-rooms-garage-and-freezer-room-with-harcon_0 building-storage-rooms-garage-and-freezer-room-with-harcon



The houses can be built with standard tools, no fancy new equipment needed, every builder has the tools he needs.

building-with-regular-tools_8 building-with-regular-tools_6
building-with-regular-tools_7 building-with-regular-tools_4
building-with-regular-tools_5 building-with-regular-tools_3
building-with-regular-tools_2  building-with-regular-tools_0


Östgärdes can offer a turn-key solution to anyone who wishes to utilize our concept.
In partnership with Östgärdes you  can set up an production facility near to your production site, shortening lead times and transportation fees.

Östgärde provides the following services:

  • A mobile factory with a potential of producing approximately 5000 housing units per year (50 m2)
  • Factory building and storage solutions
  • Training of personnel for operating the factory and assembly of houses
  • Support for construction drawing and production planning
  • Regular maintenance and support of factory equipment
  • Delivery of key components for the assembly of houses
  • Access to new building solutions developed by Östgärdes

harcon-factory-operations_2 harcon-factory-operations_1
harcon-factory-operations_0 harcon-factory-operations